Be Climate Smart! Campaign Feb-Mar 2012

posted Jan 19, 2012, 7:41 AM by Mika Vanhanen

The ENO Programme calls schools to study about climate change and organise awareness raising campaigns on 
energy efficiency. Theme will crystallize on the ENO Campaign Week 26-30 March with The March Of Frogs 28th of  2012.  In addition, there will be a competition for schools on best awareness raising campaigns on energy efficiency. Three best campaigns will be awarded 22nd of May 2012. Do your part - be climate smart!   

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  1. پروژه بین المللی داستان نویسی-نقاشي براي سال جهاني جنگلها مهلت 28 فوريه  
  2. مسابقه بین المللی فيلم كوتاه
  3. بیستمین مسابقه بین المللی نقاشی – محیط زیست  (نقاشي ها به آدرس زير پست شود)
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